Vectra ECTRS 330/430/530 – Modules & Equipment

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Manual Core Loader Module

Operator manually places core onto a reel which places them onto a mandrel

Auto Core Loader Module

For automatic loading of the cores onto the mandrel

Label Applicator Module

Label applicator for sticking the end of the roll down

Vectra Core Loader Bowl Feeder Module

A bowl feeder which feeds the cores onto an automatic core loader

Nordson Glue Bath Module

Nordson top up glue bath keeps the level of glue next to the glue wheels in constant supply


Glue Wheels Module

The glue wheels apply glue to the cores so the web can stick to the cores

Finish Roll Collection Chute Module

Collects the finished rolls in a chute

Mandrel Constant End Support Module

Used for smaller mandrels/cores to give them more support

Rewind Sleeves Module

Enables customer to increase the size of the core on the rewind module


Hot Melt Adhesive Tail Glueing Device Module

To stick down the end of the roll

Turn Bar Module

To turn the web the opposite way round before it enters the turret rewinder

End of Roll Line Markers Module

To mark the end of the roll

Festoon/Buffer System Module

To go in line with a conventional press