Omega Booklet Machine B5010

Omega Booklet Machine B5010


The modular solution for professionally produced booklet labels at speeds of up to 36,000 booklet labels per hour!

A B Graphic International's new B5010 Booklet machine can process up to 36,000 booklet labels per hour thanks to the new modular machine design. The machine is equipped with a feeding system, which can be adjusted quickly and easily to various booklet dimensions. It has a new, integrative concept of operation, making it possible to process up to 36,000 booklet labels per hour with a registration accuracy of +/- 0.5mm.

Based on A B Graphic International's existing B5000 machine, the B5010 uses a special

chain system to quickly switch between booklet sizes,

whilst the machine itself can handle booklets ranging from 30 x 80 and 380 x 280 with up to

60 pages per booklet.

It also allows the customer to choose his application method by having hot and cold gluing

as well as lamination application as standard.

The fully modular design allows the B5010 to be fitted with a wide range of converting

equipment from A B Graphic International, including flexo print units and modular die heads.

The booklet feeder itself can be integrated into any converting line or digital converting line from A B Graphic International.

Omega Booklet Machine B5010

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Web width: 330mm
Diameter of the unwinder: 700mm
Diameter of the rewinder: 700mm
Weight of the rolls: Max 100 Kg
Core diameter expansion shaft (unwinder): 76mm
Core diameter expansion shaft (rewinder): 76mm
Web tension: 1-15 Kg (infinitely variable)
Max web speed: 40 m/min
Max Variation in feeding the base web: +/- 0.5mm
Infeed of folders/booklets (feeder/Special vacuum feeder system)

Max format (along the web X across the web): 380mm X 280mm
Min format (along the web X across the web): 30mm X 80mm
Thinnest product: 2 sheet 70gr
Thickest product: Up to 3.5mm
Max variation in application of folder to base web: +/- 0.5mm
Max speed of the machine: Depends on the size of the booklets

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