The fleyeVision 100% camera system from A B Graphic International Ltd is the fully modular solution for all your inspection needs. Add value to your business whilst being confident that each label sent out is verified by the 100% camera inspection system. The system uses line scan technology (from 1k to 8k resolution cameras) to detect print errors such as scratches, text irregularities, ink blobs, registration shifts, as well as colour variations. The fleyeVision system is also capable of inspecting reflective foils and holograms. The system is capable of being mounted on press or finishing equipment, and works by identifying an error and then presenting the error to the operator depending on the application.

The fleyeVision system is a fully modular solution ensuring that the customer’s exact requirements are met. Available options include full colour inspection, barcode inspection, OCR inspection, PDF comparison modules, Pharmaceutical inspection modules and even Braille inspection. Download the brochure below to learn more about the available options and workflows for the fleyeVision system.

Available workflows of fleyeVision:

On Press – reduce waste and increase production

On Finishing – ensure all product leaving your premises is 100% accurate

Press to Rewinder Automated Workflow – inspect on press and automatically remove waste in the rewind department

Fleyevision and Automatic Turret rewinder – for continuous 100% inspection


Specification & Downloads


FleyeVision entry level
FleyeVision professional
Detection of:
Technical features:
Missing labels
Cameras with a resolution from 2048-8196 pixels, colour or grey scale
Splice (Coloured)
Inspection speed up to 350 m/min
Inspected web width up to 1.200 mm
Easy, intuitive multi touch operation
Coarse printing errors (from 2mm squared)
Automatic teach of print tolerances
Paper and clear on clear labels (optional)
Definition of multiple inspection areas with different sensitivities
Inspection speed up to 350 m/min
Easy job file save
Very easy operation
Repetitive errors can be retaught or ignored
Technical features
Inspection areas and parameters can be defined as needed
Camera: grey scale line scan camera
Read in pre-defined setups
Resolution: 1024 pixel
Can be fully integrated as a stand-alone system in all inspection machines
Speed: upto 350m/min
Positioning controller available for each machine type
Web width: 330mm, 430mm, 530mm
Optional barcode--and OCR modules, comparison against PDF file
Trigger control: Integrated
Optional inspection of braille
Operating: Touchscreen PC
Optional documentation of all error and job
Illumination: Indirect LED light


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