Digital converting equipment


The perfect solution for digitally printed webs.

The Digilase offers many benefits over conventional die cutting.

No tooling is required, simply download the file from the pre-press department and the Digilase is ready to start producing.

Jobs can be changed over on the fly.

Digilase is an individual module that can be integrated into an Omega converting line, digital label finishing line or indeed, any other rotary web fed machine.

Advantages of Digilase Laser Die Cutting System

  • No more ordering conventional tooling and waiting days for delivery
  • No more long make readies and waste material
  • No more capital tied up in conventional tooling
  • No more lifting heavy rotary tools
  • No more storage of conventional tooling
Digital converting equipment

Specification & Downloads


Maximum web width is 330mm

Full rotary (on fly) cutting

Kiss cutting and through cutting

2 X 200 watt synrad firestar sealed Co2 lasers

Silicon carbide low inertia mirrors

Smoke/debris 4 stage filtration and exhaust

Water cooled refrigeration system

Digital die shop software

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